Rockwell Tester Used Vs. New

Used Ames1Sometimes there can be a compulsion to purchase used items in an attempt to save money. This thought process is based on principle of saving money without losing anything else that the brand new item can provide. With some products you won’t sacrifice quality but with metal hardness testers this is not the case. You need your tester to be dishing out accurate results every time!!

The following are some guidelines to help you decide if a new portable hardness tester is needed:

  • Old hardness testers can lose accuracy
  • Some older testers cannot be repaired
  • Don’t purchase without knowing a tester can be calibrated or repaired
  • Parts may no longer be available
  • Is the diamond penetrator chipped?
  • Is the indicator working?

Used Ames TesterCall us with a serial number and model and we can at least tell you when it was manufactured and if it might be repairable. Don’t get stuck paying for a Rockwell tester you can’t use.

Please watch the video below for more information on the pitfalls of buying a used Rockwell hardness tester.

Rockwell Tester Used Vs. New