Test Blocks

You need Ames test blocks to perform regular accuracy testing with your Ames portable hardness tester.  Test blocks are available in Brass, Soft Steel, and Hard Steel.  Test blocks are calibrated for the specific scale you are testing.  Each new tester includes a set of test blocks for you to use in conducting accuracy testing.

Bench Stand

The Ames Bench stand gives you both hands to use your Ames tester


There are two basic types of penetrators for your Ames portable hardness tester:

Diamond Penetrators are available in standard or superficial and are used to test harder material.

Ball Penetrators come in a variety of sizes and should be chosen based on the scale you will be testing in.


Choose an Ames Anvil for your Ames hardness tester based on the material you are testing:

Flat anvils are for flat stock

Raised Flat Anvils are for thin flat stock

Convex Anvils are for testing the ID of a tube

Cylindrical and V anvils are for testing round stock


Use Ames Extensions to test thinner material than your Ames portable hardness tester opening.