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Rockwell Hardness Testers

Ames offers a range of portable metal hardness testers for quick and easy on-site hardness testing in the Rockwell scales. Our testers fit most testing situations and comply with ASTM E-110 standard.  Our Rockwell testers are built with the highest quality standards of craftsmanship.

Rockwell Hardness Testers


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Get Your Rockwell Hardness Tester Calibrated With Ames

Calibrating your tester is not optional if you want optimum performance from your portable Rockwell tester. This needs to be conducted once per year to guarantee accurate readings when testing metals. Please check out our calibration page for more information on what our repair service includes and instructions on getting a tester re-calibrated with us.

Calibrate Your Tester Now

Metal Hardness Tester Accessories

Ames has all the portable Rockwell hardness tester accessories you need to get the most accurate reading when testing the hardness of metals. The following is what we have in stock.

  • Anvils – Ensure what you’re testing remains stationary with our selection of anvils.
  • Penetrators – Check out all of our ball and diamond indenters
  • Extensions – Our extensions allow testing thinner items with larger tester models without sacrificing stability.
  • Bench Stands – Our stand holds tester at a convenient angle, freeing hands for ease of use.
  • Test Blocks – Make sure your tester is working properly by using our test blocks. Our blocks come in brass, hard steel, and soft steel.