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Ames Precision Model ST allows you to Check the Hardness of Tubing in Rockwell Scales

In May of 1977, Ames announced the release of the Ames Model ST portable Hardness Tester. This superficial tester is specifically designed for

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Is my Ames or DoAll Portable Hardness Tester Eligible for Repair or Calibration?

The Electro Arc company obtained the Ames Portable Hardness Tester line in 1975 and began manufacturing the standard and superficial hardness testers

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Rockwell Metal Hardness Charts
How To

Rockwell Hardness Charts for Metals

Choosing a Rockwell Hardness Scale Below are a few charts that will help you choose the proper set up for your Ames Rockwell portable hardness

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Measuring Hardness Rockwell Scale
How To

Hardness Testing in Rockwell Scales

Hardness Testing – Rockwell scales Rockwell Hardness testing is a system for determining the hardness of metals and alloys of all kinds. The

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Hardness Tester Accessories

Portable Rockwell Hardness Testing is Easier With the Bench Stand

Since 1947 Ames has been providing top of the line portable Rockwell hardness testers for the hardness testing of various metals. Not only are we

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Company News

Stillion Industries Acquires Ames Hardness Testers

Exciting news for our customers! As of July 1st, 2019 Stillion Industries has acquired Electro Arc Manufacturing. This is good news for our

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