Rockwell Tester Instructions

Ames Conversion Chart

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Rockwell Hardness Tester Instructions

For Use With Ames Standard Hardness Testers

SCALEMajor Load(kg)Penetrator TypeDial ColorUse BarrelTypical Materials
A60C DiamondBlackCExtremely hard materials, Tungsten Carbide thin steel and low hardened steel
B1001/16 BallRedBMedium hard materials, Low and medium Carbon steels, brass, aluminum Alloys, malleable iron, etc.
C150C DiamondBlackCHardened steels, hardened and tempered alloys, hard cast iron, pearlitic malleable iron, titanium, and other materials harder than B100
D100C DiamondBlackCMedium case hardened steel, thin steel, and pearlitic malleable iron
E1001/8 BallRedBCast iron, Aluminum and magnesium alloy bearing metals
F601/16 BallRedBAnnealed brass and copper alloys, thin soft sheet metals
G1501/16 BallRedBBeryllum copper, phosphor bronze, malleable irons, etc.
H601/8 BallRedBAluminum sheet, zinc, lead
K1501/8 BallRedBCast iron, aluminum alloys, bearing materials
L601/4 BallRedBPlastics and soft metals such as lead, thin materials
M1001/4 BallRedBSame as L scale
P1501/4 BallRedBSame as L scale
R601/2 BallRedBSame as L scale
S1001/2 BallRedBSame as L scale
V1501/2 BallRedBSame as L scale


Ames Superficial Hardness Tester
Note: There is only one row of dial numbers for the Ames superficial tester.

SCALEMajor Load(kg)PenetratorTypical Material Tested
15N15S DiamondSame materials as standard Rockwell except where shallow penetration is necessary as in:
30N30S Diamond
45N45S Diamond
15T151/16 BallShallow case hardened parts. To .010 inch
30T301/16 Ball
45T451/16 BallHard thin material down to .006 inch
15W151/8 Ball
30W301/8 BallCemented Carbides
45W451/8 Ball
15X151/4 BallPlastics
30X301/4 Ball
45X451/4 Ball
15Y151/2 Ball
30Y301/2 Ball
45Y451/2 Ball


Comparison Gage Chart

Gage NumberThickness in decimals

Comparison Gage Chart

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