Rockwell Tester Instructions

Ames Conversion Chart

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Rockwell Hardness Tester Instructions

For Use With Ames Standard Hardness Testers
SCALE Major Load(kg) Penetrator Type Dial Color Use Barrel Typical Materials
A 60 C Diamond Black C Extremely hard materials, Tungsten Carbide thin steel and low hardened steel
B 100 1/16 Ball Red B Medium hard materials, Low and medium Carbon steels, brass, aluminum Alloys, malleable iron, etc.
C 150 C Diamond Black C Hardened steels, hardened and tempered alloys, hard cast iron, pearlitic malleable iron, titanium, and other materials harder than B100
D 100 C Diamond Black C Medium case hardened steel, thin steel, and pearlitic malleable iron
E 100 1/8 Ball Red B Cast iron, Aluminum and magnesium alloy bearing metals
F 60 1/16 Ball Red B Annealed brass and copper alloys, thin soft sheet metals
G 150 1/16 Ball Red B Beryllum copper, phosphor bronze, malleable irons, etc.
H 60 1/8 Ball Red B Aluminum sheet, zinc, lead
K 150 1/8 Ball Red B Cast iron, aluminum alloys, bearing materials
L 60 1/4 Ball Red B Plastics and soft metals such as lead, thin materials
M 100 1/4 Ball Red B Same as L scale
P 150 1/4 Ball Red B Same as L scale
R 60 1/2 Ball Red B Same as L scale
S 100 1/2 Ball Red B Same as L scale
V 150 1/2 Ball Red B Same as L scale

Ames Superficial Hardness Tester Note: There is only one row of dial numbers for the Ames superficial tester.
SCALE Major Load(kg) Penetrator Typical Material Tested
15N 15 S Diamond Same materials as standard Rockwell except where shallow penetration is necessary as in:
30N 30 S Diamond
45N 45 S Diamond
15T 15 1/16 Ball Shallow case hardened parts. To .010 inch
30T 30 1/16 Ball
45T 45 1/16 Ball Hard thin material down to .006 inch
15W 15 1/8 Ball
30W 30 1/8 Ball Cemented Carbides
45W 45 1/8 Ball
15X 15 1/4 Ball Plastics
30X 30 1/4 Ball
45X 45 1/4 Ball
15Y 15 1/2 Ball
30Y 30 1/2 Ball
45Y 45 1/2 Ball

Comparison Gage Chart
Gage Number Thickness in decimals
8 .171
10 .140
12 .109
14 .078
16 .062
18 .050
20 .037
22 .031
Comparison Gage Chart View Our Thickness Chart Click Here

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