Ames Test Blocks

Ames Test Blocks for Portable Hardness Testers

Ames test blocks, like our portable hardness testers are certified to meet ASTM 110 standards.  Each new Ames test block is calibrated and certified for use with our hardness testers.  We offer standard and superficial test blocks in hard steel, soft steel and brass.  We can also provide test blocks that meet your specifications when you special order.  Each test block we sell comes with a certificate verifying the certified test block value.  Use your Ames test blocks to perform regular accuracy checks to ensure your Ames tester is reading accurately.  Your tester reading should match the hardness on the test block within +/-1.  If you are receiving incorrect readings, send your tester in for calibration.  Purchase new Ames test blocks when your test block has been used to maximum recommended test indentations.