Calibration Service

Rockwell Hardness Tester Calibration

Once per year your hardness tester should be factory re-calibrated. Contact us for details

Hardness tester calibration should be performed on a periodic basis to verify the continued accuracy
of a tester. Electro Arc provides calibration and repair services for testers we manufacture. We provide
an estimate to you prior to any repair or calibration. Our calibration and repair services include the

  • Disassembling tester
  • Complete cleaning of tester
  • Visual and mechanical inspection of the tester and accessories
  • Part replacement*
  • All scales calibrated as required by customer
  • Running hardness tests on certified hardness test blocks
  • Traceable calibration to NIST standards

* You will be notified of the condition of the tester and any potential issues so that you can make a then
make a decision on whether to fix or not. We make every effort to expedite all calibration and repair

To get your Ames Tester calibrated or repaired please ship it to:

Electro Arc Manufacturing Company
161 Enterprise Drive
Ann Arbor, MI 48103

Please be sure to put your contact information in with the tester shipment.