Ames Ball and Diamond Penetrators

Ames Ball and Diamond Penetrators

Ames makes and sells ball penetrators and diamond penetrators for all of our standard and portable hardness tester models. The penetrator is the component of the instrument required to create the indentation to determine the hardness of the metal you are testing.  You can reverse the position of your penetrator and anvil for internal testing.  It is important that you use the correct penetrator for each scale, otherwise, you will not receive accurate readings.

Ball penetrators:

  • 1/16″ for B, F, G and T scales
  • 1/8″ for E, H, K and W scales
  • 1/4″ for L, P, M and X scales
  • 1/2″ for R, S, V and Y scales

Diamond penetrators:
Diamond penetrators have a 120-degree cone and spherical point

  • Standard for A, C and D scales
  • Superficial for the N scale  
When you are conducting your accuracy testing, be sure that the penetrator is applied to the same side of the test block.  Only use the test block in an area not marked by previous tests, otherwise the testing will not be successful. 

Diamond Penetrators

Ball Penetrators

Did you know you can reverse the Anvil and penetrator for Testing?