Ames History

A look back in time with Ames Portable Hardness Testers

Ames Precision Machine Works Inc. was originally formed in Needham Massachusetts in 1946.  The promotion below is from the company in 1954.

Electro Arc purchased the Ames Portable Hardness Tester line in 1975.   

We have compiled old Ames Promotions in order of their release year below

Please note, the location and contact information on these vintage brochures is not correct.

Ames Precision Machine Works brochure from 1954

Ames released the Model ST portable Hardness Tester in 1977 specifically for testing the hardness of tubes.  This was the first new release from Ames Testers as an Electro Arc product.

The following black and white promotions were used in the 1980s by Electro Arc
This was the first color Ames Promotion circulated by Electro Arc

In 1975 Ames introduced the Model 8 Hardness Tester.

The digital testers were offered on a limited basis and are now discontinued.

Ames model ST portable hardness tester application tube testing