Caring For Your Rockwell Tester

Your Ames portable hardness tester is a precious instrument. Our metal hardness testers and accessories are durable and will provide years of reliable trouble free service with the proper care and maintenance.  Here is a few do’s and don’ts we recommend to protect your hardness testing machine.


  • Spray WD- 40 on a soft towel to clean your tester and test blocks
  • Make sure the Penetrator, extensions, and anvils are tightly secured
  • Store your test blocks in the plastic bag that is provided
  • Store your Rockwell tester in a safe location
  • Send your tester back for a yearly cleaning and re- calibration (if needed)
  • Only use the appropriate anvil for the application.


  • Never apply oil directly on the tester
  • Do not drop or bang your tester
  • Never exceed major loads
  • Never use both sides of the test blocks. (one side only)
  • Do not retract the spindle past the threads of the penetrator
  • Never bang the tip of the diamond into the part or test block
  • Do not over or under shoot the minor or major loads

You will enjoy the accuracy of your Ames hardness tester if the above inforamtion is not followed. Should you have problems, send your tester to the factory for repairs and calibration.

Caring For Your Rockwell Tester