Archive: February 5, 2020


Portable Rockwell Hardness Testing is Easier With the Bench Stand

Since 1947 Ames has been providing you with top-of-the-line portable Rockwell hardness testers for the hardness testing of various metals. We are committed to ensuring the accuracy of your measuring instruments. You can count on our help to get your job done in a safe and convenient manner. This accessory is made of 100% cast iron specially designed to fit any of your Ames Hardness Testers (with the exception of the Model 8 and Model 16 special testers).  The sleeve protects your tester from scratching and the no-slip bottom ensures you can use both hands to conduct your Ames test with no worries.

Ames Bench stand helps you get an accurate reading by removingl the awkward and challenging issues when trying to test your equipment.

  • Cast iron for solid support
  • Holds tester at a convenient angle, freeing hands for ease of use
  • Internal fiber sleeve protects handle
  • 11 lbs.

Looking for instructions on how to use our tester? Download our famous Rockwell tester manual.