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Hi and welcome to Electro Arc. Today we’re looking at some of the pitfalls  and issues that you can have with buying a used Ames hardness tester. Some of the issues you can have is  with the age of the unit. With this particular one you can’t tell just from the condition of it from the scratches and such to the actual age of the unit. This particular one from our records is roughly 40 years old.  With the build style, the spring tension over the years will fade and give you an inaccurate reading. If we use our test block in a scale of c  we rack it up into our tester and wind the dial till it gets to set. It will take hold of the test block  when I get up to set,  I wind the penetrator back onto the magnifying tube and I will be going to put it all the way up to maximum 150. I’m going to wind it all the way up once it gets to about 130 it starts to fill. It is very slow and we have managed to get it to 150.  I now back the tension off all the way so the needle comes back to set. This particular one is giving us a reading of 78 which is quite high and very wrong. It probably has something to do with the spring tension or the ball penetrator being heavily damaged as well as the Anvil.   So this particular one is too old to repair or calibrate. Anything older than 12,000 we cannot do anything with.  I will now show you how it should work. I wind the pin back and take it to max load. Now what we need to do is just back off and bring the needle back down to set. Once it’s set it should give us our reading.  On the indicator it is above 62 which is correct to our testing sheet. Some issues you can have with second-hand units is they don’t come complete. We were actually quite lucky with this particular one that it came with its penetrator and anvil. A lot of them don’t and the penetrators can cost a lot, combined with the cost of calibration it almost is more than than a new unit.  A brand new unit also comes with a nice case, extra penetrators, extenders for thin pieces of material, and different anvils for different types of material plus these test calibration blocks so you can test to make sure that your tester is within calibration. It also comes with the manual to show you how to use it as well if you are unsure.

Video Takeaways

The video explains some of the potential issues that may arise in operating a used tester over a new tester:

  • Penetrators or other items normally included could be missing or damaged.
  • Spring tension on units over many years can fade
  • Accurate readings will start to diminish
  • Often used testers are too old to calibrate or repair
  • The cost of calibration and repair to a used tester, in some cases can exceed the cost of a brand new tester.
  • New Ames Portable Hardness testers come with a brand new case, test blocks, penetrators, anvils, and extenders.
  • Also included, our Rockwell hardness Tester Manual

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Used Ames1Sometimes there can be a compulsion to purchase used items in an attempt to save money. This thought process is based on principle of saving money without losing anything else that the brand new item can provide. With some products you won’t sacrifice quality but with metal hardness testers this is not the case. You need your tester to be dishing out accurate results every time!!

The following are some guidelines to help you decide if a new portable hardness tester is needed:

  • Old hardness testers can lose accuracy
  • Some older testers cannot be repaired
  • Don’t purchase without knowing a tester can be calibrated or repaired
  • Parts may no longer be available
  • Is the diamond penetrator chipped?
  • Is the indicator working?

Used Ames TesterCall us with a serial number and model and we can at least tell you when it was manufactured and if it might be repairable. Don’t get stuck paying for a Rockwell tester you can’t use.

Buy New Not Used Rockwell Hardness Testers

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